Fee Schedule

Internet Personal Readings by Appointment

$175 per hour- 1 hour minimum. This work includes any questions you may have about past lives, people, and circumstances in your life.

Basic Akashic Records Reading

$175 per hour. This includes past and present life circumstances in four areas: health, relationships, life purpose, and life lessons.

Particular Issue-Focused Work

$175 per hour. One particular area of issue-focus in health, relationships, career, life purpose, abundance, addictions, life mate, life lessons, or area of your choice.

False Beliefs Removal Exercise and Work

$50 per one month work.

Monastic Vows Exercise and Removal

$50 per one month work.

Pattern Exercise and Removal

$125 per one month work. Pattern transcription requires two weeks.

Body Alignment Exercises

$25 per lesson.

Mentor Time

$175 per hour unless otherwise negotiated. Packages available for larger projects.

Gift Certificates

available in $50 increments.

Certification in Body Alignment Work available.

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