Welcome to my website and the Seventh Sage Community!

I offer personal and spiritual work focused on your life. Take a look at the information about me and services I provide.

Wisdom Keeper

As a Wisdom Keeper, I carry the Sacred Knowledge of my ancestors and Elders and teach this Knowledge through the ancient art of storytelling. I utilize Sacred Knowledge as a part of a comprehensive assessment of your life, the first step to discovering where your life may be blocked.

Akashic Records

The Akasha is the repository of all Sacred Knowledge, personal, planetary, universal, and evolutionary. Even the Earth has its own Records within the Akasha.

Much as Edgar Cayce and others accessed this stream of Knowledge that flows through the Sacred Spiritual to bring answers to those seeking, I view your Book of Life and look at your Life Plan, including Life Lessons, what you have completed, and what is left to do, as a part of a total Life Assessment.

Past & Present Life Work

Within the Akashic Records and in your Book of Life is everything you have accomplished as a Soul.

How your Past Lives impact your Present Life can provide an eye-opening window to where you can best make the most progress in your personal life, in health areas, in life work, in relationships, and many other areas.

I look at all these aspects and provide this insight and areas where you can remove what no longer serves you.

Enjoy the Journey!

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