About Peggy Spencer

and the Seventh Sage Community

Peggy Spencer was born with an ability to see an individual’s life story. She has trained her entire life with a variety of indigenous elders, monks, and mentors, and has been recognized as being a reincarnate in various traditions. That "born in" knowledge was expanded by current physical teachings.

She is a seventh generation Medicine Woman, and carries these teachings forward. Her studies of Indigenous Teachings began in the Sahara, was enhanced in the far North, and included the Sacred Traditions of seven Native American tribes, passed down by Elders and her ancestors.

In her very early years, she was trained in the prairies of North America in the family tradition of herbal medicine, learning to harvest plants for their medicinal uses.

Her first indigenous contacts (in elementary school years) were the indigenous peoples of the Desert: Tuareg & Bedouin, who honed her hunting and perception skills in the Sahara, as well as sharing their Sacred Knowledge.

During her later work with The Tibetian Foundation, she further developed the understanding she had of the Akasha and a system for reading the Spiritual-Mental-Emotional-Physical Bodies, as well as Life Records. She has worked with that system for 25 years with great success.

Peggy works with various organizations (civilian & government) worldwide, as a consultant, locating people, finding resources, and advising on strategies for accomplishing personal and corporate goals.

Peggy is a Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach. She is the creator of the Seventh Sage Project, which seeks to link indigenous peoples on a global scale to advise on matters of our Earth Mother.

As a paranormal investigator for thirteen years in the Midwest and Colorado, she and her team dealt with everything from ghosts to cattle mutilations. Peggy proposed and designed the first mobile lab for on-site paranormal investigations in the 1970 ’s.

As an ordained Minister, she does compassion counseling for parents who have lost children, and works with near death survivors.

By combining the teachings and skills of her diverse life, Peggy Spencer has developed a depth of clearing work seldom seen in the conscious or "new age " community.

Peggy has created a series of self help teachings that are easily understood and worked with, and can be done in the privacy of your own home. Peggy will help you facilitate the deep shifts in personal growth that we are all seeking.

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